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The following mangrove restoration and habitat creation photos provide the
stages of development and results in applications of Riley Encased Methodology (REM 2010).
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Home Page is an Citizen Sector Organization (CSO) providing methodology and technology in mangrove afforestation, restoration and habitat creation. The organization contributes to solutions for poverty, hunger, environmental degradation and pollution.
Research was undertaken to develop and define a methodology for establishing self-sustaining, mangrove-stabilized shorelines. The importance of mangroves to ecology and deversity of species is well documented.
Photos and video clips illustrate shoreline stabilization, habitat creation and restoration including plant development stages (videos require RealPlayer software). Information on habitat dynamics and the ecological importance of mangroves is provided with links to mangrove projects. A brief summary of the project is givojects. A brief summary of the project is given in Spanish.